Monday, April 19, 2010

My Return to 2010

So, this is one of those late-night ramblings the header of my blog refers to. Nothing to say, honestly, but, "Man, am I wiped out!" Three days of making posters and reliving high school days is exhausting :).

You see , I spent this weekend at my BFF's house in Tennessee. It was her fortieth birthday and she decided she wanted an Eighties themed party. Wow, she went all-out! I'm talking she rented Galaga and Pacman arcade games (as in the full-size arcade machines!), had Eighties mementos spread all over the house, an MTV cake, and even set up a dance floor in her sun room, complete with strobe light. Major flashbacks. Major fun.

I may post some pictures later on, once she sends me a copy of the CD. (Yeah, she even had an official party photographer!) And I'll post something worthwhile when I regain full brain function...

Oh, speaking of lack of brain function, my BFF told me she was out the other day and heard a muzak version, sung by a woman, of Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself."

That is just SO wrong!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, 80's weekend. That'd be the BEST!!!!!!!

Great picture of Idol here. LOL

Anonymous said...

I remember the music video when it first came out -- post-Apocalyptic Zombie Siege. (Incidentally, Billy Idol fans were known as "Idolaters".)

I cannot match those visuals with a female-voiced, easy-listening sountrack. At all.