Monday, November 30, 2009


I don't have much time right now, nor much energy. Working on our house to get it "show" ready has taken over my life. It looks like things may slow down a bit soon, though.

But amidst this chaos, I've received two bits of encouragement that have really meant a lot to me. One came as a phone call from a friend in my critique group. She wanted to make a suggestion for another agent for me to try, and to let me know she believes in me and is praying for me one day every week. As someone who has gone through some seriously hard times, I fully understand the power of prayer. So when someone tells me they are praying for me and my book, I take that very seriously.

Also, another friend from that same group is in the middle of reading Finding Angel and she wrote this comment on my Facebook wall: "This HAS to get published! I've been transported to a magical island and I don't want to come back. It is sooooo good!"

Those are the words I want to hear from my readers--that they feel submerged in the world created in my books and don't want to leave. It's the feeling I get when I read my favorites, and the desire to create that feeling in someone else was my whole motivation to write fiction in the first place!

So, thank you, Jan and Janet, for the words of encouragement. And to all of you who have told me you're praying for me, and/or sent me great comments on my first chapter or short stories. I'm working SO hard to make this dream come true--to get my novel in print--but it's been a long and trying road so far. Without the words of encouragement I get from my fellow writers and my readers, I doubt I would be persevering like this.

Hangin' in there...


Brandon Barr said...

I loved this post. I'm encouraged by your encouragement.

And the kitten in the tree...heart melting :)

Seriously, you continue to publish your short stories, that means you writing is strong. Perseverence is what it takes in publishing.

KM Wilsher said...

I am so proud of your perseverence, Kat. And I feel blessed to be able to follow your journey - you inspire me, your writing inspires me!

Happy "showing"!