Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blast from the past....

This song has tremendous meaning to me. I listened to it many, many times when I was going through chemo--it kept me going on the days I wanted to give up because the treatment was making me so sick. That was almost five years ago.

The ironic thing is that when I first heard it (before my chemo days), I didn't know who sang it, even though I had the CD sitting on my shelf. I had just gotten the CD as a birthday present and hadn't had a chance to listen to it. I heard the song while visiting my cousin's church, having not listened to much Christian music so I wasn't familiar with the popular artists at the time. I asked her who the original artist was, and she told me "Jody McBrayer" and I ran to my shelf and laughed that I'd had it sitting there the whole time.

There's more to the story, though. You see, I had asked for that particular CD because I knew Jody growing up. We went to school together, from elementary all the way through highschool. It didn't surprise me in the least to find out he'd gotten a recording contract--he was always wickedly talented.

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