Saturday, July 4, 2009

Peace and Quiet...

So, it's Fourth of July, and what am I doing? Hah! Writing :). Yep, my hubby's got the kids over at our neighborhood pool, with their best buddies, while I have the house to myself. This happens, like, never. I usually have everyone underfoot, and when I do get time to myself it's out of the house. I love this. Sitting here, listening to silence. (Well, almost silence--my Boxer snores.)

I'm finally back on a roll with my second book, Seeking Unseen. I've written the prologue, and nearly the first nineteen chapters, plus a few scenes farther in. I'm not sure how many chapters there are going to be--they're coming out shorter than the chapters in Finding Angel. There are 34 chapters in Finding Angel, and it's 106,000 words (almost 400 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-pt font), but I don't know if Seeking Unseen will have more chapters, or fewer pages. I suppose I'll find out when I get to the end!

Anyway, it just feels good to be back in that groove. I've written three short stories so far based on characters in my book as well, and I intend to write quite a few more. It really helps my characteization (which I've posted about before), and I'm finding now, too, that it's helping me work out the plot line.

I just got another rejection on one of the character stories, but the first one got accepted immediately. Go figure. I haven't decided if I'm going to submit this third one or not. I'm waiting for a friend to read it and then I'll decide.

OK, I suppose it's time for the festivities now...

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