Friday, June 12, 2009

I received a great email this week from another teen girl who read the first chapter of Finding Angel. Her comments were so awesome. I posted them on my site (with her permission, of course).

She wrote me again to tell me she had shared my site with some friends. One of the friends said, "WOW that was AMAZING the end of Chapter One just left me HANGING!"

Reading comments like that from my target audience is the coolest thing ever. I mean, it's awesome getting praise from fellow writers and test-readers who are adults. But when the "person" I wrote the book for says "Awesome!"--well, I feel like I've just hit the bulls-eye!

But, even greater than that is the feeling I get when these girls follow their comments with, "I'll be praying for you to find a publisher."

Wow. What could be better? Talk about a confidence-builder. God is listening to those girls. And they're petitioning on my behalf. Humbling, for sure.

Just had to share:).

You can see comments by test-readers and those who've checked out my first chapter on my site at

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