Friday, June 5, 2009

Great Short Story to Check Out

Please visit and check out "Anticipation" by Shawna Williams. Very good story. Quite appropriate for "The Cynic" :).

Shawna is SO great at characterization. She is working on a romance novel--and y'all KNOW how I usually feel about reading romance--that is just superb. I've had the pleasure of being a test-reader/critiquer for her. Her characters really stay with me. I find myself emailing her and saying, "Well...When do I get the next installment?? I'm missing Jacob and Meri!" It's not about not knowing what happens next. She's already given me a full synopsis of the book. Actually, of all three books in the series. But I want to read it anyway, because I love the characters. I've gotten to know them almost as well as my own!

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