Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fiction Questions--check out Chip MacGregor's blog

A friend just sent me this link:

Chip MacGregor's January 3rd post was awesome, answering some pressing questions about writing fiction.

The third question was especially relevant, I thought. So many of us get discouraged by the newbie sensation writers--oh, I won't mention any names--and his blog explains where they come from. I can't agree with his statement that all of those authors have writing that "shines," though. Let's be honest, some of them just had a marketable idea and could write fairly well. "Marketability" is a word you hear over and over in the publishing arena, and can make a talented writer want to scream. But, it was comforting to read that not all of those gambles pay off.

The fourth post about editors knowing their stuff even when they aren't necessarily good novelists themselves was very enlightening. I never thought of it that way before. But what Chip says makes total sense!

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