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Or maybe you just have a question about my writing or art.

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Sadly, I'm having to add a disclaimer here:

I've never stated on this blog that I'm open to review requests. I am not and never have been a book blog reviewer. But as best as I can figure, my Amazon review ranking has hit a point that has put me on indie author radar as a reviewer and I have started getting requests.

Please understand: I am right there with you! I totally get your need for exposure and reviews. That is why when I do read a book I almost always review it on Amazon and Goodreads (but rarely here).

But I am not open to unsolicited review requests. I choose my reading material carefully, and read only those indie books I have a genuine interest in. Why? Because if I spend all my time reading and promoting everyone else's books I have no time to write or promote my own.

Please understand I am saying this not because I believe my time is so valuable--but rather because I really, really hate sending emails saying no to authors. I know how hard it is to send out those requests!