Sunday, December 15, 2013

Goals and Wishes for 2014

As you can see, I've not been blogging very regularly lately. Between homeschooling and holidays and birthdays and camping trips and conventions...well, let's just say I've been busy.

It's normal though, for me, to be insanely busy this time of year. It's also normal for me to starting thinking about my accomplishments and my goals for next year. That's likely true of most people, I'm sure.

Accomplishments for 2013:
Goals for 2014:
  • Complete my novel, tentatively titled Relent. You can read about the premise here. It's in the editing stage, although this has been the hardest editing job I've had to do yet.
  • Complete two shorter works, both of which at this point look like they'll be novelette length, or possibly novella. One is Toch Island-related and the other is not.
  • When the above two goals are cleared, then I can dive in full-force with Toch Island 3.
  • Work even more conferences/conventions and get more school visits.
  • Push for more reviews of what I've already got out.
  • Sketch more.
Yep, those sound like pretty normal goals for an author, eh?

But there are two that have been niggling at the back of my mind...

However neither of them are things I can control, so I suppose these are "wishes" for 2014 instead:
  • Fan art for Toch Island Chronicles. I know, how completely narcissistic! But I keep seeing these authors posting art that readers have done of their characters (and trailers for their books) and I can't help thinking, "That would be so cool!"
  • Some time back, there was a discussion on Facebook that involved me mentioning that I'd love to be written as a villain in someone else's fiction. That thought has stayed with me. Some may think that's an awful wish, because we all know what happens to villains at the ends of stories (especially those of a speculative nature), but I would find it a total honor. I've always thought the actors who play villains in movies get to have the most fun, but I can't act :P. 
There you have it. And if I don't blog again before Christmas, have a merry one!